Rachna : Seva-in-action intiative

Seva In Action: Introduction

Seva-in-Action (SiA) was founded in the year 1985 to minimize the gap between needs and opportunities for persons with disabilities specifically in rural Karnataka. The objective was empowering families and persons with disabilities to find within their community, provisions and opportunities for their children through CBR projects.
SIA was registered under the societies act in 1992. SiA’s work is primarily in the field of inclusion of children and adults with disabilities in education, employment and all other spheres of development to ensure their human rights SIA works closely with the government system to implement its policies at grassroots level and also for policy development based on the local context.

Project Rachna

Step 1

  • Collaboration with Star bazaar for on the job training.
  • Explaining and convincing parents of 10 selected children
  • Motiviating selected people

Step 2

  • Training on personal hygeine and self-grooming
  • Orientation visit to nearby supermarkets
  • Motiviating selected people

Step 3

  • 10 trainees placed in Star Bazaar
  • Initially working with full guidance and support from NGO authority
  • Slowly learning and doing tasks by themselves
  • They were quite adept in listening to the feedback they received

Final steps

  • Star bazaar shortlisted 6 candidates and took interviews
  • 3 out of those 6 were finally given offers

Those three were Mahalakshmi,
Ravi Shankar Rao and Victory Samuel