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Skill development for intellectual disabilities

Join this NGO to help automate livelihood centers for persons with intellectual disabilities.

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Empowering persons with disabilities

Help people with disabilities to lead a life of independence, from education to livelihood.

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Adopt for a year a kid with disability.

Provide for yearly expenses of food and education of a kid with disability.

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Don't just give, be involved!

Deeper involvement

Interact with NGOs and provide guidance or help design programs.

Periodic updates

Get periodic updates on the progress of the causes you support.

Effective change

Visit NGOs. Interact with community. And bring sustainable change.

Credible NGOs with noble causes

Samarthanam for Disabled

For the last 20 years, Samarthanam has been helping person's with disabilities and providing them home, education and livelihood training.


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Seva in Action

In the last 27 years, Seva-in action has helped thousands of persons with intellectual disabilities find livelihood by providing them with skill training and finding the right opportunities for them in the industry.


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Madhu Mansion Charitable Trust

For years, Brother Samson along with his wife has been providing a loving home to about 40 kids who has nowhere else to be. The kids are provided as best a care as the duo can afford with their meager salary and some support from the community.


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How does this work?

Grassroot NGOs never get the support they deserve !

We work closely with NGOs to understand their processes and needs. Bonsai helps communities to join these NGOs in their noble causes.

Monitor how your support is changing lives!

Using Bonsai get periodic updates and track progress of all the causes you support. Bonsai uses technology to make giving simple, efficient and effective.

Our mission?

To leverage technology and make social giving efficient, rightly effective and measurable. We want to bring completely transparent so that people know where they can help and bring the most impact and see the lives they transform.

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volunteer by teaching classes

Vivek Mehta

Data Scientist, Flipkart

I always wanted my donation to go to the right cause. But without Bonsai, researching this was very time-consuming. With Bonsai I can find the right cause from the huge list quickly. Also, I get updates about the way my donation is being used. I feel more involved in the entire process.

I have been wanting to help the local NGOs but I couldn't find the reliable information easily anywhere. Bonsai has made this easier and felicitated all the information at one place to go through them which has helped me in supporting the cause with my small contribution.

volunteer by teaching classes

Sunil NR

Lead Engineer, Cisco

Volunteer for an NGO

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