How does this work?

Grassroot NGOs never get the support they deserve !

We work closely with NGOs to understand their processes and needs. Bonsai helps communities to join these NGOs in their noble causes.

Monitor how your support is changing lives!

Using Bonsai get periodic updates and track progress of all the causes you support. Bonsai uses technology to make giving simple, efficient and effective.

Who we are?

We are a group of technocrats who believe that technology can transform the way people give back to society. Team Bonsai consists of people who have years of experience working in global organizations like Microsoft, Amazon, Flipkart etc.

Our mission?

To leverage technology and make social giving efficient, rightly effective and measurable. We want to bring completely transparent so that people know where they can help and bring the most impact and see the lives they transform.

Cost of fund-raising?

All contributions on Bonsai are charged a cost of 5% (plus payment gateway charges and GST), the rest is transferred to the NGO. This is one of the lowest cost of fundraising in the world, against a global standard where 30-40% of the contributed funds are cost of fundraising, promotions or travel.

How we work?

We work with NGOs after thoroughly verifying them. We understand their immediate needs and help create causes to meet them. The contributions to the causes of these NGOs is transferred to them at the end of the month. Money is just one aspect of helping out, who encourage people to volunteer their time and participate in causes and spend time with the less fortunate.

Do I get a tax-saving certificate?

All NGOs we work with are registered with Government of India and can issue certificate for tax exemption under section 80G of IT act. These certificates are issued whenever a onetime contribution of more than Rs 2000 is made by you. Please contact Bonsai support if you need such a certificate for your one time contributions.

Are you a NGO?

No, we are not an NGO ourselves. We are a platform to connect people to NGOs in their locality. There are already 100s of NGO in every city who are doing fantastic work of helping the society and can do many times more only if they get the right help and support from people.